Persepolis Aikido Photo Shoot-out

Aikido action with Simone Chierchini in Persepolis, Iran

Aikido action with Simone Chierchini in Persepolis, Iran

I love the idea of bringing Aikido where one can see, breath, feel history, and I have already done it before, when I took a photo shoot-out in front of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. Recently I had the good luck to visit one of the fabled places of my youth – spent studying the old Greek-Roman world – Persepolis, the noblest capital of the Persian Empire, nowadays in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Doing Aikido at this historic sites, for me it is a way to connect past and present, old and new, foreign and familiar, all joined in a new concept, the one beacon that has always directed me as an aikidoka and it is now the central idea of my International Aikido Academy: Aikido is a bridge between different generations and different people


15 February 2015
Persepolis, Iran

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Photo: Mohsen Abbasi