Seminario: Eithan M. Weisgard a Roma

Eithan M. Weisgard a Roma

Koshukai Takemusu Aikido
Ethan M. Weisgard

6/7 October 2012
Infernetto (Roma) – Italy
BABEL CENTRO SPORTIVO, Via Tommaso Traetta, 70

Informazioni: +39 339 6442615
Quota di Partecipazione: € 60,00, Saturday only € 45.00, One Keiko € 25.00

Programma degli Allenamenti: Sab 06/10 10.00-11.30 Buki Waza, 11.45-13.00 Tai Jutsu, 16.30-18.00 Buki Waza, 18.15-19.30 Tai Jutsu; Dom 07/10: 10.00-11.30 Buki Waza


CV di Ethan Monnot Weisgard:
Ethan Monnot Weisgard was born in 1957 in New Milford, Connecticut. Resident of Denmark since 1969. Ethan is married, with two children. Ethan is fluent in the Japanese language and was an official interpreter when the late Saito Sensei held seminars in Europe. As well as being a professional Aikido instructor, Ethan works as a musician (drums/percussion), Japanese culture specialist and tour guide in Japan. Ethan Monnot Weisgard was one of the chief instructors in the Copenhagen Aikido Club in Denmark for 27 years, before starting his own dojo, Copenhagen Aiki Shuren Dojo in 2003. Ethan Monnot Weisgard began his Aikido training under Takeji Tomita Sensei in 1976. Tomita Sensei is based in Stockholm Sweden and was a close student of Morihiro Saito Sensei’s. Ethan went to Iwama as uchi-deshi (direct live-in student) for the first time in 1984. At that time there were very few uchi-deshi and Ethan was privileged to receive much attention during his stay there from Saito Sensei. Ethan travelled frequently back to study with Saito Sensei, both as uchi-deshi as well as soto-deshi (direct student living close to the dojo). After Ethan’s rst trip to Iwama he started to study Japanese, to be able to understand not only the details and technical points of his teacher, but also to be able to get to know him as a person as well. Saito Sensei shared his knowledge generously, not only in regards to Aikido but in so many other aspects of life as well. He was especially gracious in teaching about Japanese customs, etiquette and traditions. Ethan Monnot Weisgard was appointed direct representative of Saito Sensei in Denmark. Ethan has, from his time with the Copenhagen Aikido Club, acted as interpreter and personal assistant for Saito Sensei at seven international week-long summer camps in Denmark. Ethan Weisgard is the author of a two-book set, entitled Bukiwaza, Basic and Advanced Aiki-ken and Aiki-jo. Ethan has taught Aikido in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany, America, Russia, and even in the homeland of Aikido: Japan. Ethan continues to practice intensively and travels frequently, conducting seminars throughout Europe

By RedazioneRedazione Aikido Italia Network



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