The Lost City Trek – Part 5

Rio Buritaca's crystal waters

After an impromptu visit to a cocaine plant production, the trek towards the city lost in the jungle resumes and the Buritaca River is reached

Castro comes back from wherever he was hiding and the Ciudad Perdida expedition resumes. It is going to be an easy day, with less walking, some inclines, but never as tough as the ones of the day before, and a lot of descents. The second day of the Lost City Trek is spent for the most time walking in a jungle where the hands of men have been not as devastating as the previous day: forest covers the mountains, forest covers the valleys, forest fights forest everywhere in a deadly embrace, direction light, skywards.

It is hot, but breezy and fresh fruit is always at hand to replenish the litres of liquid spent in sweating. A film of dust and sweat covers anything that moves, like during the first day, the difference being that today my muscles answer the challenge, my lungs seem to have expanded, my left knee regenerated by the many lovingly attentions received during rest time.

It feels alive, it feels happy, it feels free to be walking among these wild but compassionate mountains and their trees. It feels like being at home. Four hours vanish in a sweaty wonderful flash and at the end of a steep descent we hit water: we have reached the Rio Buritaca. My clothes end up in a tangled bunch before any word is said and my sweat washes away in the cold crystal flow of the river.

The river Buritaca snakes through the forest, calm in appearance, but possessed an inner power that surprises the swimmer with a drag that is almost invincible. We try body rafting and someone manages to test the rocks for resistance using their head. The day is too beautiful, however, to allow anything bad to spoil it. I dive into the river from rocks high on the water, letting then the water flow make a leaf of me. The current carries me downward for a while, until my body is brought to rest, kissed by avid sunrays, upon an almost supernatural pebble beach.

Again I surprise myself feeling like at home, thoughtless and in harmony with nature, which is loving me back, motherly, warm, protective. I start to believe that nature is a woman, the warmest one can ever find, and I guess I have always been in love with her, sometimes scared by her energy and unable to understand her secrets, still ready to give her my soul, my enthusiasm, my miseries, my life. Nature will never betray me, abandon me or punish me for my mistakes. She is an experienced partner that all sees, understands, comprehends.

I want to get lost in her.

End of Part 5

(To be continued)

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